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The first time I heard it, I was attending my first French class in Beijing.
My French teacher – she was Mexican.

“Josephine! C’est un nom très jolie…!”
In her voice, such delight, passion, pleasure…pure joy.
“Oh la la! C’est très jolie!”
She keep exclaiming on repeat.
I stared at her with a blank face.
“Très jolie…” she says, “It means very beautiful!”

I fell in love.
The way it rolled off her tongue.
The definition. The words. The softness. That sound.
I took it. I made it personal.
I made it mine.

Très Jolee is personal.
Yes – our obsession is shoes. Our love is to create. Our aspiration is to “heel-the-world”.
But, our DNA is built on confidence and freedom.

Confidence is not intrinsic. It can be learned, practice, faked, inspired, worn…but you’re not born with it. Très Jolee was created after many years of building up enough confidence to transform a daydream into a real-life dream. From our experience, we believe that many women out there could probably also use a little confidence booster every now and then; and so, we are here to help (because we’ve been there)! Let the magic of drop-dead-gorgeous shoes give you the confidence to take on the world simply because you deserve it.

Freedom is being unapologetically you. Freedom is fearlessly owning your words, life, dream, attitude and style. Freedom is being true to your heart (and gut) and honestly following that instinct – even when you don’t know what the outcome will be. Freedom is being completely okay wherever you are in life because you accept that’s where you’re meant to be, right now. Freedom is the reason Très Jolee exists today because we have a need to express, experiment and constantly evolve who we are.

To all the women out there who embrace their strength and vulnerability, who face their angels and demon and who are honest about their truth – we celebrate you.  We will work hard to create beautifully designed shoes so you can have endless choices.  No matter how you want to feel, act or present yourself today – the power is yours.  As the saying goes, “give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world!”